Call for Papers

Context-embedded vehicle technologies

For the 2017 conference, we expect contributions in the field of context-embedded vehicle technologies in order to shift safe&secure, efficient and green driving to the next level of technology readiness and end-user acceptance.

The symposium focusses on innovations and upcoming trends in the field of connectivity-cooperation-automation, context-embedded developments, adaptability, especially SW-updatability, driven by real-world data, virtualization penetration and virtual approval as well as human-centered solutions.

Topics include but are not limited to

  • Automated driving
    • Sensors and environmental awareness
    • Computational intelligence
    • High performance computing
    • Vehicle-infrastructure embedding
    • Validation and Test
  • Safety & security
    • Cooperative active and integrated safety
    • Advanced materials
    • Reactive human models (cognitive, body) and human-in-the-loop
    • Assessment of safety functions
    • Automotive security
  • Comprehensive energy management
    • Powertrain of the future
    • Vehicle – environment – interaction
    • Cloud-based solutions
    • Energy harvesting for EVs
    • Multi-level simulation and test of EVs
  • Efficient development
    • Design of highly-connected, context-embedded systems
    • Real-world-data-driven approaches
    • Virtual assessment
    • High-fidelity modeling and simulation
    • Internet of things, things of the internet


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