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GSVF 2024

Virtualization of Software-Defined Vehicles


The GSVF 2024 focuses on methods, tools, and processes for ensuring the virtualization of software-defined vehicles.



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Technological developments are rapidly raising the bar for vehicle requirements. Cars are expected to detect pedestrians in real-time, drive and park autonomously, be carbon-neutral, and protect their occupants like never before. To meet these expectations, key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, advanced sensors, 5G connectivity, and powerful data centers are being deployed. The result is Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) – cars that leverage software to meet these demanding requirements. ​


Thursday 26th September, 2024


Technical University in Graz, HSI9 Inffeldgasse 13


Jan Becker | Stanford University
Dr. Michael Paulweber | AVL List GmbH
Christoph Gümbel | future matters
Severin Stadler | Magna Steyr
Ulrich Schulmeister | Robert Bosch GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark | Fraunhofer IPK
Prof. Dr. Hermann Steffan | VSI TU Graz
Prof. Dr. Martin Törngren | KTH, Stockholm
Dr. Gerd Rapin | VW AG
Carlo van Driesten | BMW AG​


Dr. Jost Bernasch – General Chair | Virtual Vehicle
Prof. Dr. Daniel Watzenig – Program Chair | Virtual Vehicle
Dr. Martin Benedikt – Program Chair | Virtual Vehicle

Virtualization as a key technology for the software defined vehicle

The vehicle records its surroundings with sensors and thermal imaging, "learns" to adapt its driving functions to this environment, uses intelligent navigation, and communicates with other AI-Defined Vehicles and intelligent infrastructure. What sounds futuristic is already a reality. AI algorithms enable real-time vehicle diagnostics and environmental perception. Essential to this is so-called Edge Computing – data processing within the vehicle itself. Because only in this way can cars react in real-time and much faster than a human ever could. Making vehicles smarter, safer, and more user-friendly is a core task at the Virtual Vehicle and is also a topic at our annual specialist conference, GSVF. ​


Key Speakers

Our Keynote Speakers

Jan Becker

Apex AI

Dirk Slama

Robert Bosch GmbH

Martin Benedikt


Lorenz Führlinger

Lorenz Führlinger


Our Masterclass

Is the European automotive industry now missing the next wave after electrification – why is this happening and what urgently needs to change.


The discussion is directed by:

  • Christoph Gümbel – Future Matters

  • Ulrich Schulmeister – Bosch

Our Impulstalks

Andreas Lauringer

Andreas Lauringer


    Holistic approach to safety development and virtual homologation of automated driving systems

    Bernhard Kaiser

    Bernhard Kaiser

    ANSYS Germany GmbH

      Holistic approach to safety development and virtual homologation of automated driving systems

      Indrasen Raghupatruni

      Indrasen Raghupatruni

      Robert Bosch GmbH

        Accelerating software-defined vehicle development through advanced virtualization techniques

        Carsten Markgraf

        Carsten Markgraf

        HS Augsburg

          Nemo.bil: System of cooperating vehicles for individualized public transport

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